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Incoming Travel Health Insurance

Insurance Services of incoming travel health insurance specializes in international health, travel and visitors insurance. We offer high quality, affordable:

- Travel Medical Insurance, 

- Travel Insurance,
- Schengen Visa Insurance and
- Visitor Medical Insurance for:

  • Tourists/Vacationers,
  • Travelling Business people,
  • Work & Holiday participants,
  • Students & High School attendants,
  • Expatriates, Residents, Employees, etc.

International Medical Insurance / Travel Health Insurance provides coverage for emergency medical expenses incurred when you are 
- studying, or
- temporarily living in a foreign country.

Brief overview of our travel insurance product:

  • Maximum insurance period: 365 days,
  • Minimum insurance period: 10 days,
  • Requirements for Schengen visa are met,
  • No deductible,
  • Territory covered: worldwide, excluding home countries,
  • Conclusion of contract prior to departure or as immediate follow-up cover: no waiting periods, otherwise waiting period of 8 days – except in cases of accidents,
  • Extensions prior to expiry possible via phone, fax, email or letter.
    Piece of advice: extensions can also be declined, it is therefore better to apply for the complete period directly.
  • Suitable for follow-up coverage.

MAWISTA Informations

The rates of MAWISTA are developed especially for: Foreign students, Guest scientists, Language students, Trainees and Visitors in Germany.

Our insurance policies are tailored to the needs of our customers and always offer ideal cost effectiveness.

With over 300,000 customers, we are one of the leading insurance brokers in the travel insurance sector.

People with a limited residence permit have to prove a health insurance every time they want to extend their visa in Germany. Most of the foreign offices demand a proof that the health insurance is in accordance with the compulsory health insurance. Such a proof called “certificate for administration” is sent automatically to insured foreigners with the other documents for the health insurance in Germany. People that come from a country that requires a visa for Germany also need the proof of a health or traveling insurance for the whole time in Germany if they want to apply for the “Schengenvisum”.

All offered rates for health insurance for foreigners are valid in the Schengen states.

A short trip in the neighbor-country is also insured. If a foreign visitor wants to start a job it is necessary to apply at a compulsory health insurance. In addition to the health insurance for foreigners it is also important to consider a personal liability insurance. For a stay that is longer than five years the travel insurance is no longer suitable. These persons should consider a private health insurance. With MAWISTA you can find the suitable health insurance for every kind of stay in Germany. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us, we will be pleased to advise you!

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